Smart, efficient and effective EDI Solutions

Looking to expand to new markets and EDI is  a requirement?

Are your trading partners requiring EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?

EDI is  becoming a necessity as more and more trading  partners require EDI/E-commerce transaction processing.

EDI is an efficient and effective way for customer and vendors to exchange documents:  Purchase Orders, Ship Notices, Invoicing and electronic payment/remittance to name just a few.

EDI Confusing ?     EDI a drain/burden to your staff?        Not Necessary !

Web Based. No software installation required. No capital investment required.

EDI IQ specializes in working with small to mid size businesses, start-ups, inventors to efficiently utilize the benefits of EDI without detracting from the critical component of building the business and market presence.

EDI IQ provides a wide-range of services customized to your requirements and we do so in a manner that eliminates additional burdens on your staff and company.   Learn some more about EDI IQ Solutions and Services and feel free to contact us with questions.
EDI - It is not an expensive in-house solution that you need - it's just a good partner.


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Here at Just Right Products we surround ourselves with the very best people in the industry. For the past 5 years Larry McBride and his team have taken care of purchase orders, shipping, invoicing, keeping all paperwork with new and existing customers, stores, etc. up to date. We ship our products all over the world and the level of ease belongs solely to Larry. Our company could not run as smooth as it does without Larry's efforts. Just Right Products would be lost without him. Sincerely, Tim Bourke, CEO and Lead Inventor. 

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