What is EDI? Let's keep this simple.

Wikipedia says the following about EDI:

"Electronic data interchange (EDI) is an electronic communication system that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means. EDI provides a technical basis for  commercial "conversations" between two entities, either internal or external.  EDI constitutes the entire electronic data interchange paradigm, including the  transmission, message flow, document format, and software used to interpret the documents. EDI standards describe the rigorous format of electronic  documents.  Pioneered by the military in the 1950's EDI has come to be the standard for documentation communications such as Purchase Orders, Ship  Notices, Invoicing and payment remittance to identify commonly used documents.

In  the consumer goods, retail and healthcare supply chain markets the typical requirements for EDI use includes the following documents:
Purchase Orders - 850 record

Purchase Order Confirmation - 855 record

Advance Ship Notices - 856 record

Electronic Invoicing - 810 record

Remittance/Payments - 820 record

Functional Acknowledgements - 997 record

The electronic transmission of these documents accelerates the business processes while simultaneously reducing error prone data entry and increasing accuracy.


EDI - It is a benefit to business small and large & EDI IQ can assist in establishing and maintaining an efficient EDI process.


Here at Just Right Products we surround ourselves with the very best people in the industry. For the past 5 years Larry McBride and his team have taken care of purchase orders, shipping, invoicing, keeping all paperwork with new and existing customers, stores, etc. up to date. We ship our products all over the world and the level of ease belongs solely to Larry. Our company could not run as smooth as it does without Larry's efforts. Just Right Products would be lost without him. Sincerely, Tim Bourke, CEO and Lead Inventor. 

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