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Posts by Larry McBride

Spring Dealer Conference

We had the opportunity to attend the ORGILL Spring Dealers Market 2018 on Feb 22-24 in Orlando FL. Great show! Incredible enthusiasm! A 1,000 + group of vendors/exhibitors displayed a wide array of products across many different areas: home products, electrical, paint, hand tools, hardware, plumbing, to name just a few. With 30,000+ visitors it…

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EDI – A Quick Look

Larry McBride, with EDI IQ, shares a 101 on Electronic Data Interchange. What is it?  Why is it important? EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is the standardized electronic exchange of business documents such as Purchase Orders, Ship Notices and Invoices and is used extensively in a wide variety of industries including automotive, retail, healthcare, and consumer goods. EDI…

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